About Dartsity.com

Dartsity is a place where you can find everything you need to improve your darts game. From best product reviews and best accessories all the way to the tutorials and guides that will make you a better player.

  • Best Reviews – Easy to read reviews for everyone

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Read all reviews of newest products, best tutorials and amazing tips.

Our Goals

We believe goals are very important for success so we made our checklist of things we want to become. We are still a small business but want to dominate in a darts niche.

  • Expand – We want to become #1 site in darts world

  • Community – Fun and caring community is very important

  • Happy Readers – If we don’t help you then we are doing something wrong

These are our main goals we are looking to achieve through near future and we hope to get things done!

Meet Our Team

We are honoured to present our team that made all of this possible.

Steve Flores
Steve FloresCEO / Founder
Smart guy with amazing personality who founded this site and made all this possible.
Cheryl Jenkins
Cheryl JenkinsMarketing Specialist
Our Marketing Specialist who is in charge of promoting our content for better exposure.
Brenda Evans
Brenda EvansContent Writer
A brilliant writer who is currently studying in college and playing darts in her free time.

“Playing darts is not a matter of life or death. It’s much more important than that.”

Van Gerwen, World Champion