Are you looking for the dart mat to protect your floor from darts that miss? Do you want to learn how to choose the best dart in your budget?

If the answer is yes, you will agree with me:

Choosing the best dart mat can be a challenging task. There are not enough comprehensive guides for this topic on the web.

Luckily for you, we have written the ultimate guide that will help you make the right decision. We tested a couple of dart mats and decided for three that gave the best results.

By the end of this guide, you will learn what is best dart mat and what to look for when choosing dart mats.

Top 3 Best Dart Mats

#1 – ZAAP Heavy Duty Dart Mat

ZAAP Heavy Duty Dart Mat

Our first option when it comes to picking the right dart mat is ZAAP Heavy Duty Dart Mat.

It provides a slick design and a professional look. It is all black, except for the logo and four oche lines for different distances from the dartboard.

The mat is made out of durable rubber and will provide sufficient protection for even most hardcore players.

One of the main features that make this dart mat so attractive is the anti-slip rubber. It keeps almost locked on the floor for the entire time.

This mat is compact and so easy to roll it up after you finish playing darts.

The overall dimensions are 118 x 24.5 x0.1in, which provides enough cover area for optimum protection.

Even tho we didn’t notice it, some buyers complain about the heavy rubber smell. Keep that in mind if you decide to order it.


This is a perfect mat for most players who wants extra protection and clean design. If you are an average dart player, chances are this is a great choice.


  • Anti-Slip Design

  • Four Different Oche Lines

  • Easy To Store


  • Rubber Smell


#2 – Shot! Darts Professional Dart Mat

Shot! Darts Professional Dart Mat

Made out of industrial-grade rubber, it offers premium quality and floor protection.

Extra protection is provided by non-slip 3mm thickness that minimizes bounces of darts that reflect.

Since it is made from premium rubber there is no curling at the ends, which can be a hassle for most other dart mats. It is also easy to roll after you finish and the slimness attribute to easy storing.

Everybody has a different opinion when it comes to design, but in our opinion, it looks astonishing. The only petty things we don’t appreciate about the look is the domain name on the product. Nobody likes when they constantly have to look at the advertisement.

Other than that, we also saw a few complaints about the smell. However, most people say it goes away after a couple of hours.

Our point is:

Shot! professional dart mat is a great choice for advanced players and professionals.


  • Industrial Grade Rubber

  • Non-Curling Design

  • Easy For Storage


  • Slight Rubber Smell


#3 – Dart World Let’s Play Darts Dart Mat

Dart World Let's Play Darts Dart Mat

For the final option, we have Let’s Play Darts Dart Mat from the company Dart World.

This is the best dart mat on our list but because of the high price, you will need a bigger budget.

With that in mind:

This is a dart mat oriented mostly for professionals and players who are looking to get serious about darts.

It has all the features as previous mats, including a durable non-slip layer that has stability.

The thickness of only three millimeters is trivial but since it’s made out of durable rubber it gives enough protection to the floor.

There are also reports from the previous user who is complaining about a heavy rubber smell. Maybe leave it in open space a couple of hours before you use it for the first time?

Here’s the catch:

When Dart World design this dart mat it had professionals in mind. You will need a deeper wallet but it is worth it in the long run.


  • High Quality Materials

  • Durable Non-Slip Layer

  • Made For Professionals


  • High Price


Top 4 things to consider before buying a dart mat

  • Materials

    The most important aspect you should look for when choosing a dart mat is materials. There are three main types: Foam, Vinyl, and Rubber. With that in mind, Foam is better for indoor use while Vinyl is better for bars and the public to use. Rubber is well suited for both applications and is usually preferred choices for most

  • Non-Slip Design

    One of the features you should look for is also Non-Slip Design. Dart mats that have non-slip layers often perform better than the ones that don’t. Also, pay attention to the surface you will use them on. Some perform better on regular floors while others are more suited for tiles and concrete surfaces.

  • Throw Lines

    Throw lines must be easily distinguishable from any position. Also, make sure throwing lines are accurately labeled. This is especially important if you are practicing for tournaments.

  • Price

    You should get a dart mat that is in your budget. Many of them will give similar results but some are better than others. Of course, more expensive dart mats will usually perform better than cheap ones, but you should always stay in your budget.

Wrapping Up

We hope you are ready to make the right decision and buy the best dart mat.

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Also, feel free to share this website with other fellow players. Now go buy the dart mat to make sure your floor is protected.

Good luck!