Best steel tip darts in 2020

Anybody who plays darts knows that if you have the best steel tip darts, your opponent will be in front of a big challenge because you will shoot the target more accurately, and you are more likely to win.

It doesn’t matter if darts is just a hobby for you or if you are playing with your friends. This guide will help you choose the best steel tip darts in the marketplace to easily beat your competitors or friends.

We all like to be dominant in everything we do, so even when choosing steel darts, we want to have the best, most comfortable and most beautiful steel tip darts that are precise when thrown and lie comfortably in hand.

Most people have trouble choosing steel tip darts because the market is vast, and you don’t know which ones are the best choice for you.
Darts can be made of different materials such as:

  • Wood
  • Nickel
  • Brass
  • Silver
  • Tungsten

When it comes to the choice of steel tip darts, in addition to the quality of craft, you should pay attention to the weight of the dart, precision, and the type of material.

Fortunately, we have already done some research for you, and below we will help you choose the right darts for you and your friends.

Let’s start!

#1 Viper Blitz

Viper Blitz steel tip darts

Viper blitz darts are considered to be one of the best steel darts on the market. They consist of 95% tungsten and 5% nickel, which puts them in position number 1 when it comes to steel darts. These two components from which these perfect steel darts are made give maximum durability as well as ideal ease of holding. They lie entirely in your hand and give you excellent precision when throwing.

Another great thing about these darts is that it doesn’t matter what stage of the game you are; an amateur professional or maybe even playing darts as a hobby. These darts will surely last you a long time, and they will help you win many matches. They are made of high-quality materials that are great in flight. You will undoubtedly be overjoyed with high precision these Viper Blitz darts offer.

When it comes to the axle, it has three beautifully made rings after an excellent grip that will allow you minimal sliding. In the set, you get three well-made darts with a steel tip and a key for tightening the axle. You also get three extensions of the flight.

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  • 95% Tungsten and 5% nickel excellent quality

  • Non-slip material of exceptional precision

  • Each set includes six wide flight flights

  • Each set includes six wide flight flights

  • You get a perfectly crafted bag made of solid materials


  • Expensive

#2 The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon steel tip darts

The Red Dragon comes in second place on our list for a reason. These darts will fit perfectly in your hand. They also offer an excellent grip that offers precise shooting and grip comfort.

In this case, you get three darts of 21 grams, which are made of 80% tungsten that comes with extra thin teachers on the top of the darts.
There is a possibility to buy in larger quantities from 24 to 28 grams.

The darts are made to be extremely durable, and you will have an excellent performance in terms of flight stability.
These darts have an excellent ratio of price and quality. I recommended to all amateurs as well as to those experienced players because of their superb endurance and ease of throwing.

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  • Excellent materials and durability

  • Very affordable price

  • They have rubber rings that help with holding

  • The set comes in 3×21 grams.

  • Comes with a total of 9 arrowhead extensions 


  • Break easily

#3 Fat Cat Predator

Fat Cat Predator steel tip darts

In third place comes a well-made set of 3 darts with high-quality materials – 80% tungsten and 20% nickel. This makes them very durable. This set is great for amateurs but also for those who play darts for a long time.

When you miss the board, your darts will not be damaged. Another advantage of these darts is that they have excellent balance, which is a crucial factor in playing darts.

In addition to the materials used, they offer an improved grip when throwing, the insole, and the beautifully crafted upper arrowheads.

The shaft is also excellent because it guarantees a firmer placement than when mounting the steel tip.

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  • Mechanical key for tightening the shaft

  • Excellent quality and excellent price

  • Endurance

  • Aluminum shafts with locking hole

  • Weight 3×23 grams


  • Shaft needs some improvment

#4 Viper Sinister

Viper Sinister steel tip darts

When we talk about Viper Sinister steel tip darts, we must mention that they are made of 95% tungsten, and their thin and smooth tubes pierce the air and give a perfect hit after each throw. The darts is designed perfectly for your hand because it is entirely flat and has no rings.

It features an aluminum axle with a hole for locking the shaft to get maximum tightness and improve stability. The flights are designed in an ingenious way. They offer an increase in flight speed and excellent trajectory with exceptional precision.

Viper Sinister darts deserve the top place on this list because they are made of tungsten – high-quality material. The Viper Sinister steel tip darts come in a package with three axles and six flights weighing 150 microns.

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  • Best quality and great speed

  • Extremely smooth shaft for better accuracy

  • Made of the highest quality 95% tungsten

  • Exceptional speed and precision

  • Aerodynamic construction and locking holes


  • Fells kind of cheep

#5 Winsdart

Winsdart steel tip darts

This set comes with 12 superbly crafted darts that are designed with high-quality materials. They will give you total comfort while playing as they have three rings that prevent slipping and give you a high grip shaft. They are great for all types of players because of excellent endurance.

These beautiful darts weigh 22 grams each and give you a great balance when playing. Make an effort to take your game to the next level with these darts, and you will surely succeed. They are designed to penetrate the air perfectly and get great throwing.

When it comes to this set of 12 darts, you will get brilliant, sharp tips and 12 pieces of plastic axles. You will also get 18 regular flights in two different styles. The shaft is made of aluminum, which gives it exceptional ease of throwing and precision.

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  • 12 metal arrowheads

  • 12 Aluminum axles of excellent quality

  • 18 standard flights in two different styles

  • Stone for sharpening steel tips

  • Excellent quality and exceptional precision


  • Tips can slightly bent

#6. IgnatGames

IgnatGames steel tip darts

In the seventh-place of this guide, we will rightly present you with an excellent set of 12 perfect steel tip darts made of very durable material. With this set, you also get a useful little suitcase that will always leave your darts in the same place, so you don’t lose or destroy them. This set is excellent as a gift for beginners because, as the price dictates, the quality will surely be above your expectations.

This unique set contains an Eva foam insert that will keep your steel arrows from scratches. They also prevent accidental contact with the extremely sharp tips on them.

This set of metal insoles shines with an elegant and original design. Excellent optimized weight and stability are also a factor to consider . We recommend them for everyday use as well as great workouts solo or in pairs. Once you get used to these superbly crafted metal darts, your game’s quality will improve significantly.

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  • An innovative set of 12 darts with a great case

  • The sleek unique and sturdy design

  • The perfect choice of darts for beginners

  • Choose between 18,20,22,24 and 26 Grams

  • Excellent quality and durability


  • A little bit pricey

#7 CC-Exquisite

CC-Exquisite steel tip darts

If you like yellow color and are looking for darts that are made of high-quality materials, this is the choice for you. They offer high performance and the ability to adapt to your needs in 8 different variants.

These exquisite darts with steel tips not only look great but will lie beautifully in your hand because they have rings that do not allow slipping and the wrong move. Placing the darts in the best possible position that suits you best will raise your game level to a higher level, whether you are a professional player or an amateur.

These darts are designed in the way that each player wants, and that is a customizable configuration. This is something that will surely benefit you if you are not in the game long enough. It will allow you to confirm your best choice when choosing weights, deciding the axle’s length, and the shape of the flight.

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  • They lie perfectly in the hand

  • No slipping or irregular flight

  • Very affordable price

  • You get a box and a stone to sharpen your steel tip

  • 6x Aluminum Shafts (35mm / 48mm)


  • Tips can slightly bent

#8 Cuesoul

Cuesoul steel tip darts

The Cuesoul set is made of 98% tungsten and is also on our list. With the set, you get three excellently made steel tip darts with extremely sharp steel tips.
These darts can be selected in weights of 22g 24g and 26 grams in a perfectly fitted black box that will protect your equipment from the reach of children or dust.

The diameter of these steel tip darts is 6.48 mm, and their length is 50 mm. Due to the components from which they are made, we can confirm with certainty that these are one of the most durable steel tip darts on the market. Cuesoul has an attractive look in a combination of gold and black.

These darts have a great blast and quickly pierce the air and reach the target with extreme precision. Due to the 15 rings on the shaft, you will have an excellent grip without slipping, but these darts also have a lock key in the set.

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  • 3 pieces of tungsten barrel

  • 3 high-quality darts from steel tips

  • 18 standard flights in two different styles

  • Best endurance and excellent speed

  • One sharpening tool and one adjustment tool


  • Expensive

#9 Whimlets

Whimlets steel tip darts

To get the best value for money, I suggest Whimlets Professional Steel Tip darts. Upgrade your collection with these sharp steel tip darts that have three brass rings that will fit perfectly in your hand.

Like the others on this list, they come in an original packaged box that looks nice.
The set comes with six pairs of 20-gram darts with extremely sharp steel tips. When it comes to tips, they come with 12 pieces of premium quality. The axles are exceptional, and the barrel is made of the same high-quality material.

We are convinced that you will raise your skills to a higher level with this choice. Whimlets Professional Steel Tip combines three top-class materials: steel, brass, and aluminum for perfect strength and balance. These arrows are designed with these metals to increase flight speed and reduce drag and bounce.

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  • Premium Case

  • Dart Sharpener

  • 12 Poly Flights

  • 12 Aluminum Shafts

  • 6 Brass Barrels with Steel Tip


  • Needs better grip

A steel tip or plastic darts?

When the game of darts was invented, people started using steel tips for darts. Therefore, if you want to play darts traditionally, we recommend using darts with steel tips. The reason is that steel tips are much more durable than those with plastic tips, and they do not cause frequent cracking of soft tips.

All this is due to the high-quality steel used in production. Ensure that you are playing darts in the safe area so that you do not accidentally make a hole in the wall or injure someone.

Things to look out for when buying steel tip darts

Buying steel tip darts is not an easy task for people who do not understand the material weight, length, and type of the dart itself. Therefore, we will explain what factors you need to pay attention to if you want to play your best game.

Each dart consists of 4 parts, and they are: 

  • Tips 
  • Axles 
  • Pipes
  • Flights

Each of these four parts has a specific function, and by changing one of them, you can improve the performance, speed, and appearance of the darts.

When you understand each part of the dart function, you will easily find the playing style that suits you best. This practice will improve your playing skill after a while.


When it comes to the tips, there are steel and plastic tips. We recommend the use of steel tips because they will last longer due to better quality.

Note: You need to make sure your board is designed for steel or plastic tops.


The extension of the shaft can consist of many materials such as plastic, nylon, or the highest quality aluminum. If your shaft is made from Tungsten material, you surely have the most top quality darts.

The shaft is usually made of aluminum, so this is the best option to make your darts light and fast in flight, with excellent throwing precision. Of course, the axles can be made of plastic and nylon when it comes to the cheaper version. So all the quality depends on your budget.


When it comes to the barrel of the dart, they come in different styles and are also made from different types of materials.

They also have different appearances of the grips, and they come in different sizes.

The weight of the barrel most often determines the dart’s total weight. The darts that are the most popular weight of 16 to 30 grams. Heavier darts are also available.

Common materials from which barrel are made are Plastic, Wood, Brass, Tungsten, and Nickel-Silver.

Of course, Tungsten is the most desirable material because it is a very dense material and is of excellent quality. It allows the barrel to be thin and precisely made while remaining at the same weight.

Brass pipes are durable and quite affordable at a price. The only drawback is that they can be subject to corrosion, which causes the grips to wear out over time.

Nickel-silver pipes are corrosion resistant and also reliable, but their price is a bit higher, so decide for yourself which ones are best for your budget.


Like the others on this list, flights also come in various shapes and textures. The shape of flights can be standard and slender. The size and style of the flight can significantly affect your game. I recommend that you try all sizes and styles of flight until you make the perfect combination to suit your playing style.

Maintain your steel tip darts

Prolonged use of darts can create corrosion on steel. Therefore, if you want the darts to be long-lasting and protected from corrosion, we recommend cleaning it in time with a wet towel and then a dry one.
Another thing that will keep your steel tip darts safe is the box. They will be easily transferred with the help of the box and will be out of reach of dust. The box will also help you save the arrows in case of an accidental fall.
Also, pay attention to how sharp your tips are. Make sure tips on your steel darts are not too sharp or too blunt. The best tips are slightly rounded.

Pay attention to the weight of the dart

One of the essential factors is the weight of the dart. Everyone chooses the weight of the darts according to their criteria. However, if you don’t know which size to choose, we recommend the standard weights of 24-26 grams. Sizes vary from 16 to 50 grams. The vast majority of people use 20-30 grams darts because these weights are the most popular. If you are a beginner, I recommend a 20-gram darts, because you can learn with less weight, and later you can lift according to your wishes.


There are many different darts on the market. We have made an effort to introduce you to some of our favorite darts that we have researched. Hopefully you have learned some useful things from this guide regarding the best choice of darts. We have tried to highlight sets of different prices and quality to help you choose the best option.