Are you looking to get some new dart shafts? Or you want to upgrade to the better dart shafts for improved stability?

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Upgrading dart shafts is not an easy task. There are simply not enough useful pieces of information on the internet about this particular subject.

But don’t worry!

You are in the perfect place if you want to find out what are best dart shafts for you.

In this best shafts guide, you will learn which dart shafts offer the best value.

At the end of this article, there is also a guide on what to look for when getting new dart shafts and things to avoid.

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Top 3 Best Dart Shafts

#1 – Fat Cat 727

MAXMAU 9 Aluminium Dart Shafts


Our first choice when it comes to best dart shafts is MAXMAU Aluminium Dart Shafts.

It comes in a set of 27 high-quality dart shafts which includes:

  • 9 pcs of carved aluminum dart shafts
  • 9 pcs of grooved aluminum dart shafts
  • 9 pcs of smooth aluminum dart shafts
  • 27 pcs of rubber O-rings

As you can see this option offers a lot of versatility which is one of the reasons it made the top of our list.

No matter what type of player you are, chances are good these Aluminium Dart Shafts will get the job done.

There is a difference between these three types of dart shafts. We even noticed different feeling when holding them and throwing them at the dartboard.

They take versatility even one step further with colors. Each of three different types of dart shafts comes in three different colors: red, black and blue.

Since they are made of aluminum they are long-lasting and won’t break easily. Maxmau used a Standard 2BA screw thread which means they should fit on most of the darts itself.

Another great feature you will like is anti-skip O-ring. You can feel confident in your throwing without your hand slipping loose from the barrel.


If you are an average player and want better dart shafts, chances are these are going to be perfect for you!


  • Plenty Of Dart Shafts

  • Three Different Kinds Of Shafts

  • O-rings Are Included

  • Standard 2BA Thread

  • It Comes In Three Different Colors


  • Inconsistent machining


#2 – CavalierDarts Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts

CavalierDarts Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts


CavalierDarts Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts works very well with both steel tips or soft tips.

You can choose between a package of 20,30 or even 40pcs and you will get the same number of O’rings.

They are medium lengths (53mm) which means they are suitable for most players.

When it comes to Colors you will be pleased to find out there are five of them: Red, Black, Blue, Green, and Purple

The most common 2BA groove screw method is used allowing them to be used on most darts and darts flights.

These darts shafts are lightweight at about 1.5 grams and easy to throw. They are best for beginners who need decent dart shafts to improve the overall game.

CavalierDarts offer good quality but don’t go too hard on them or else they warp over time.


CavalierDarts are suited for the most player and since they come in vibrant colors they are most suited for younger players.


  • Set Offers Five Vibrant Colors

  • Standard 2BA Groove

  • O-rings Are Included

  • Made Out Of Aluminium

  • Good Quality


  • Can Be Too Tight


#3 – CavalierDarts Black Aluminum Dart Shafts

CavalierDarts Black Aluminum Dart Shafts


Our final choice is black only aluminum dart shafts from CavalierDarts.

The first thing you may notice is they only come in one color. This is not a deciding factor for many players but some may prefer to get rainbow colors in their package.

The material used in the construction of these dart shafts is aluminum which provides you with a lightweight, long-lasting product.

Cost is quite on the low side when compared to other manufacturer but the quality is the same. This makes this offer more attractive since they do fit in everyone’s budget.

One thing we didn’t like was that O-rings are not included even tho description says they are.


Don’t let this discourage you from deciding to go with this option. Black Aluminum dart shafts are cheap, lightweight and easy to use.

Length is 50mm and they are made with a 2BA groove fitted for most darts.

Some wear may occur over time but nothing to worry about.

As you can see, this product does have some flaws. Most noticeable is the lack of O-rings and only black color.

Here’s the thing:

If you don’t care about those two it is an option worth considering. Also, since they come at the lower price they will be fitted for everyone’s budget.


  • Medium Length

  • Standard 2BA Thread

  • Made Out Of Aluminium

  • Lightweight Product

  • Inexpensive


  • Only One Color Available

  • Doesn’t Include O-Rings


Different Types of Dart Shafts

Types of dart shafts


There are several types of dart shafts you should be aware of. Each of them has different abilities that will affect your dart flight differently.

The most common of them is metal. To be more specific Aluminium. These are usually the best for most people, however, you should be aware of other types of dart shafts as well.

Dart Shaft Types

  • Metal: As we already said, Aluminium is one of the most popular materials to use in dart production. It offers high performance while maintaining lightweight. Metal shafts are also very durable so you can expect your darts to last much longer if they are made from Aluminium.

  • Nylon: This is a new type of shafts that is yet in development. Very lightweight is the most noticeable characteristic of these shafts.

  • Carbon Fiber: Carbon fiber is the way to go! However, everything made from carbon is much more expensive than other regular materials. They are incredibly lightweight and durable. Consider this option only if you are a pro dart player with a huge budget.

  • Spinning: As you probably already know, spinning shafts are useful since rotation helps them keep a straighter path in flight. Spinning dart shafts are also a useful gimmick to impress your fellow players.

Top 5 features to look for in a dart shaft:

  • Type of shafs

    As already stated, the type of shaft is very crucial and is something you might want to check out if you just started playing darts. A more experienced player tends to favor a specific type of shaft since it fits the style of playing.

  • Thread

    The most common thread on darts is the 2BA thread. All three of dart shafts on our website have this thread. However, if you are buying it at other places you should always make sure that the thread of the dart shaft is the same as your dart flight. After all, you don’t want to get a shaft that won’t fit the rest of your dart arrow.

  • Material

    Material is one of the most important factors that impact the dart flight. The best material is carbon fiver although it is the most expensive. If you are just a regular dart player your best option is probably going to be metal.

  • Length

    Length is the most important thing to look for in very dart shaft. It will affect dart flight and final results of your game. The longer shafts are better for a player who holds their dart near the end. Still, too long and the dart will wobble and get difficult to throw. To short and you will have no balance. It depends on what type of player you are, but for most instances, medium size should be your main choice.

  • Color

    The more colors are always better! Your darts will look better with more style. However, you should always try to match the color of the shaft with the rest of the dart. After all, you don’t want your dart to be in rainbow colors.

Wrapping Up

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this best dart flight guide. We tried to keep it simple so even the players who just started would understand.

Now go ahead, buy the best dart shaft for you and start improving your game.

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