Are you looking to get a new best electronic dartboard within your budget? Or maybe you consider replacing the old one that is a little bit worn out?

If that’s the case, you will agree when I say:

Choosing the best electronic dartboard for your budget is not an easy task since there are numerous choices and not that much info about it. Darts is an upcoming sport, but it is still not that popular, so there aren’t as many useful guides and reviews you can trust.

For this reason, we present the ultimate electronic dartboard guide.

By the end of this article, you will learn all the things you need to know what to look for when buying a new electronic dartboard.

We will show you our best choice for three budget levels: Low, Mid and Premium, so you can expect to find the right product for any budget.

This guide is going to be detailed and well-reviewed, so grab a cup of coffee and get ready to find out what is the best electronic dartboard.

Best Low Budget Electronic Dart Board

#1 – Fat Cat 727

budget-friendly electronic dart board

Our top choice
when it comes to electronic dartboards when you are on a budget is Fat Cat 727.

Cheap electronic dartboard that is suited for beginners who need something decent to play with at home.

It can be a lot of fun for your family but don’t expect premium quality for such a low price. Fat Cat 727 is also perfect as a gift to children since it offers many features kids will find very interesting.

It supports both multiplayer as well as single-player option. Even if you are alone at home, this electronic dartboard is a perfect way to kill some time.

It is designed to play with soft plastic tip darts. But don’t worry, six darts come in a package with this board, and you also get twenty-four tips extra. So even if you break some tips, which happens to everyone, you will still have plenty of extra to keep playing it for a long time.

The Fat Cat 727 provides excellent value for the cost, and it offers some great features such as 18 games with 96 different options and a missed darts catch ring.


It doesn’t provide mobile connectivity, which is reasonable for the cost, but it is an additional feature that makes the board itself more challenging and more fun.

When you consider all of this, Fat Cat 727 board is perfect if you need an excellent gift idea for children. Even if you want an entry-level electronic board that will allow you for some fun darts game. If you are, however looking for a better quality board with more features, you should consider our next option on this list.


  • Single Player And Multiplayer

  • 18 Games With 96 Variations

  • 6 Darts And 24 Extra Tips Included

  • Best Value/Cost Ratio

  • Catch-Ring Stop Darts


  • Does’t Support Online Play

  • No Mobile App

  • No Darts Storing Place


Best Mid-Budget Electronic Dart Board

#2 – Cricket Pro 650

budget-friendly electronic dart board

When it comes to an electronic dartboard that has good quality but it is not a premium solution, our defined answer is Arachnid Cricket Pro 650.

It has a regulation target area of 15.5,” which is standard for most home electronic dartboards, and it provides tournament quality.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 offers 24 games with 132 variations which is plenty even for hardcore players while NylonTough segments are going to impact on durability. Reduced bounce-outs is a consequence of built-in micro-thin segment dividers, which makes this electronic dartboard even more attractive.

Everything seems better when it has fancy words describing it, huh?

All kidding aside, this is a high-tech electronic dartboard with some of the best sensitive sensors allowing for a precise play. After all, darts games are all about precision.

As standard, it offers LED displays, the ability for eight players to play at once. It also allows you to play solo if you ever want to play alone to practice.

While this board is on higher-end, it does has some cons such as sound quality which is decent but not great. One thing worth mentioning is that even at the lowest volume, the sound is pretty loud. There is luckily an option to turn it off entirely if you find it obnoxious.

Overall, Cricket Pro 650 is high-quality electronic dartboard, and while it might seem a little bit expensive for some, it is worth it in the long run.


If you want premium electronic dartboard which provides the highest quality possible, you will want to go with our final choice.


  • Tournament Quality

  • 24 Games With 132 Variations

  • High-Tech Sensitive Sensors

  • Supports Up To 8 Players

  • Great Value


  • Mediocre Sound Quality

  • Doesn’t Support Online Play

  • No Cabinet


Best Premium Electronic Dart Board

#3 – Cricket Pro 800

budget-friendly electronic dart board

Cricket Pro 800 is one of the best electronic dartboards on the market for a good reason.

The more experienced player will be thankful for Cricket Pro 800 as it provides better quality, more playability with a broader spectrum of features.

As a standard, you get Tournament Quality 15.5″ Target Area on which you can play even more games, 39 Games with 179 Variations of which 7 of them are cricket games.

Just like the previous choice, it comes with NylonTough Segments for improved durability as well as Micro-Thin Segment Dividers.


Construction materials used in this electronic dartboard are sturdier, which proved to be very useful for overall refinement.

The Cricket Pro 800 proved even better when it comes to tracking your game with a better average point per dart (PPD). One of the extra features that you may appreciate is a 3 Level Heckler Feature.

It is an interactive feature that “mocks” players when they achieve low scores but also applaud if your darts arrow hit something good.

Since this is a premium dartboard, you can expect features such as dart storage onboard, selectable bullseye, volume control, and many more. It is worth mentioning that you also get one year warranty against defects.

As for the cons, we couldn’t come up with many.

One of the features that this electronic dartboard is missing is a mobile application, and you also can’t play online. Other than that everything is as you would expect from a premium product such as Arachnid Cricket Pro 800.

If you are a professional darts player or looking to become one, then Cricket Pro 800 should be your choice. It is probably the best electronic dartboard on the market.


  • Premium Quality

  • 39 Games With 179 Variations

  • NylonTough Segments

  • Micro-Thin Segment Dividers

  • 3 Level Heckler Feature


  • Doesn’t Support Online Play

  • No Mobile App

  • Expensive


What Makes Electronic Dartboards Unique?

Electronic dartboards have the same size and shape as a regular dartboard with the same appearance.

Advantage of electronic dartboards is in their sensor, which allows for fancier play. These sensors are often installed on the board surface to measure how many points dart arrow will score.

These sensors are connecting to a display screen. From there, you can either choose how many players are in the game or navigate other settings.

Electronic dartboards are more fun overall, but they are not a regular part of darts championships. Traditional boards are better if your only goal is to practice for darts event.

Electronic Dart Board vs. Traditional

To better understand which type of dart you should get, we prepared this fancy checklist of pros & cons for electronic dartboards.


  • Playing games with friends make for a more enjoyable experience.

  • Lighting and sounds improve ambient of the surrounding area.

  • The material used in the tips of the darts is plastic, which makes them safer for kids.

  • Some devices can connect to your mobile device.

  • Tracking score is unnecessary since the software calculates it.

  • Many of these boards have highly developed software. Some of them are compatible with various devices such as a mobile phones.

  • Electrical dart boards are a much better gift for children since kids love Vibrant Colors and LED lighting.


  • If something inside break, fixing it is expensive and sometimes even not possible.

  • These boards are not standard in the tournaments, so if you are serious about darts, go for traditional ones.

  • The feeling and smell are not the same as in traditional boards.

  • All those extra parts come with a price. Expect to pay significantly more for an electronic dartboard.

  • You need darts that are for electronic boards. Luckily most of the packages contain a few of these darts.

7 Tips On How To Choose The Best Electronic Dart Board

  • Software


    User-friendly software is vital when it comes to choosing electronic dartboards. The market is saturated, so the software that doesn’t make mistakes is preferred. You need to be sure that you can count on accurate results and fair game.

  • Target Area Size

    The typical size of the target area is 15.5 inches, which is considered ideal for most players. Avoid dartboard with the small playable area.

  • Games

    Try to pick dartboard with the highest number of the game available. More games mean more fun, which is a whole point of this game. Choose products that have at least 30 types of games with more than 100 variations. Anything over that is a bonus, but it is not a vast improvement.

  • Durability

    The durability of the hardware is an important aspect that you don’t want to miss. Check out materials that are used to make a dartboard. Make sure the appliance is durable and resistant to wear. Design of the entire product mainly depends on the hardware itself.

  • Display

    Two main factors to look for in a display are readability and size. You want a display that you can easily recognize from a distance.

  • Number of Players

    Most products can support up to 8 players. Some choices on the market will support up to 16 players, but unless you are planning to play darts in a large group of people, eight is enough. Try to avoid dartboards with a smaller number of supporting players as you never know how much people will join to play.

  • Reduced Bounce Out

    On the technical side, reduced bounce out is a useful feature that makes dart board more accurate. Soft tip darts will stick on a surface easily with more precision.

Wrapping Up

We hope this best electrical dart boards guide will help you make a right decision. Our team tested more then dozens dart boards and we decided to choose one that is best in each of three categories.

We are sure you will be more then happy with the results if you follow our guide.  For any additional questions feel free to contact us.

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